Hot Lunch Program

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LemonsLimoncelle Catering History:

Peggy Yeghiazarian has been our school chef since 2008 providing nutritious lunches to our students. Peggy is a certified ServSafe food handler from the county of Los Angeles.  Additionally, she has completed some programs at local colleges and is continuously taking classes and seminars to upgrade her skills.

LemonsLimoncelle Catering Mission:

Limoncelle catering emphasizes on providing healthy alternatives for the students. Our school herb and vegetable garden has been created as an additional educational tool to use fresh herbs, spices and vegetables in daily cooking. The foods are sautéed, baked or roasted versus being deep fried. The sauces are prepared with fresh ingredients. Each lunch includes a side of salad, or cut vegetables, and/or fresh fruit.

LemonsLimoncelle Catering Services:

Salem Lutheran School offers a "Hot Lunch" program Monday through Thursday. This program is also one of the most important fundraising programs for the school and the 6th grade class. By purchasing hot lunches for your child not only will you save time in packing lunch boxes every morning, but you will also help our 6th graders to raise money for their trip to Washington DC.

Each month the students will bring home a lunch menu with variety of choices to be pre-purchased for that specific month. We ask parents to make their selections and send a check payable to "Limoncelle Catering" along with the bottom portion of the menu to their child's classroom teacher before the deadline stated on the menu.